Community Advocacy

Domestic Violence and Sexual Assualt Council of Great Miami (DVSAC)

Survivors Pathway represented by Mr. Francesco Duberli had created a new LGBTQI committee. This new project represents another step forward towards the protection and inclusion of the members of the Lesbian, Gay, bisexual, Trans-identified, Queer and Intersexual community survivors of domestic, intimate and sexual violence. The creation of this committee is an invitation to develop an open and thorough conversation about the challenges and barriers faced by these communities. This group will also work on identifying the needs of members of these communities and develop strategies to actively respond to those needs. Developing awareness within our members about the need to include and embrace the gender, sexual and cultural diversity of the LGBTQI community will be our main goal in working towards promoting a society that is based on the principles of equality, inclusion and social justice.

LGBTQI Committee Goals:

  1.  Identify the needs and priorities of LGBTQI survivors of domestic violence and sexual abuse regarding access to services.
    • Act as liaison between the LGBTQI community and DVSAC members.
    • Develop a statistical tool that allows us to collect information regarding the needs of the LGBTQI survivors of DV and SA
  2. Provide training and consultation regarding LGBT sensitivity and competency to organizations that provide services to victims/survivors of domestic violence and sexual assault.
    • Provide with one LGBTQI sensitivity and competency training to at least to two law enforcement agencies in Miami Dade County during the year 2013.
    • Provide ongoing assistance and consultation to law enforcement, judges and other agencies in regards with any need associated with the provision of services for members of the LGBTQI community.
  3. Develop an MOU within members of the DVSAC to address and ensure the provision of inclusive services that embraces and acknowledges the gender and sexual diversity among LGBTQI survivors of domestic and sexual violence.
  4. Develop a social media strategy to publicly address domestic violence and sexual violence in the LGBTQI community.
    • Develop a Facebook page
    • Open a twitter account
    • Create an interactive blog
    • Develop informational materials focus on promoting this committee within the LGBT community and organizations providing services to survivors of domestic violence and sexual assault in Miami Dade County.
    • Participate in at least one community outreach activity per year to promote the LGBTQI committee and provide information regarding Intimate, domestic and sexual abuse within these communities.
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