Why Choose Us

We are one of the few organizations in Florida providing counseling and advocacy services for LGBTQI survivors of domestic violence, intimate partner violence, sexual abuse, human trafficking and other forms of victimization. We have been successfully providing annual services to 300 Latino women survivors of domestic violence, sexual abuse and human trafficking. Our unique approach and philosophy embrace and integrate every individual ethnicity, cultural heritage, core of values, cultural beliefs, sexual orientation, gender, gender identity and gender expression.


Note: These testimonials come from feedback provided by survivors receiving our services, in anonymous surveys, feedback forms, or letters.

I was able to get mine and my children's life back and be safe while doing it. I never thought I could have done it, but with your help I now know I can do anything.
Thank you, thank you, thank you, for being you and being available to me. It is so reaffirming to know there are good people still.
I am grateful to have this service available to me. It has helped me grow.
From my experience here, it was next to perfect. Thank you all for your dedication. You are a blessing to all women* at such a critical time in their life. You have been a blessing for me.
I learned a lot from you guys. You helped me to be a better person and better mom, to love myself and appreciate life each day. Most importantly, helping people, one way or another, who are in the same situation I was in before makes me feel good when I can do something for them. Thank you so much for helping and supporting us, and I wish the best to you to keep up the good work.

Together we can help:

Awareness and action against domestic violence, human trafficking and sexual abuse among our Latino communities is a fundamental priority in order to achieve a society based on equality and justice. Women and men from our Latino community are confronted with many challenges when seeking services that allow them to get free from violence and achieving justice. Barriers such us language, immigration status, poverty and discrimination among others increases the possibilities for the members of these communities to be victimize and re-victimize.
It also very important to remember that there is a great diversity among Latinos and that be aware that the challenges faced by each person will be different.  The diversity among Latinos in most of the cases accounts for some of the contradictory and less accurate research results regarding the prevalence and incidence of domestic violence among these communities. In fact, factors such as acculturation and where a person is born affect their risk of domestic violence. However, more often Latinos are treated as a homogenous group, which complicates the interpretation of the results. The Latino population is diverse nor only in ethnicity and culture but also in terms of their sexual orientation and gender expression.  In order to understand our Latino communities it is fundamental to be inclusive and aware of the different members such us the gay , Lesbian , Bisexual, transgender, Queer and intersexual community.
Survivors Pathway is committed to learn, reflect, train and provide services so that LGBT people survivors of sexual and domestic violence can heal, contribute and improve their quality of life.  However, we know that in order to successfully accomplish these goals and carry out this work with need to work and make our communities part of this project. It is through a continuing collaboration effort among the members of our communities and organizations committed to improve the life of Miami Dade citizens that our mission can be accomplish. Equality, inclusion and social justice in Miami Dade county is a dream that we want to share with you, we know that together we can help!

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