Trans-Latina project


The Trans Latina project is a Survivors' Pathway Organization iniciative to create both an opportunity for reflection by the Trans Latina women in Miami Dade County, and then to work together to develop possible models of intervention to meet these challenges. The active participation and leadership of women involved in this initiative, along with our technical support and professional resources, allows us to make positive changes that will benefit the Trans Latina community in many areas such as access to health services, justice, economic development, and education.

Our services for the trans-latina comunity:

Individual psychological counseling

Survivors' Pathway offers a counseling program which consists of twelve individual sessions. This service is free of charge and is provided in different locations in Miami Dade County. For more information Contact us at 786.275.4364.

Support and empowerment group

This group is also free of charge and is provided to Trans-Latina women in spanish only, twice a month from 6:00 pm to 7:30 pm. This group takes place at our headquarters.

Los cupos son Limitados. Para adquirir más información y registrarse contáctenos al 786 275 4364.

Condom distribution

Through our partnership with the Florida Department of Health we are offering free condoms to our community. These condoms are distributed during the group sessions or individual counseling.

Psycho-educational workshop on love and relationships


This group was created with a specific cultural approach to provide support and education to trans Latinas living in Miami Dade County. This educational workshop is provided in Spanish. During this group process participant will have the opportunity to share experiences with other Latinas, gain knowledge about factors that influence domestic violence, explore cultural and societal beliefs associated with the Latino communities that may have an influenced the development of violence. We consider that one the most important results in terms of education during this group process is the opportunity that participants will have in developing skills to identify and create healthy relationships.

Legal assistance

If you are a survivor of domestic violence, intimate partner violence, gender violence, and/or sexual violence, our partnerships enable us to provide you with different legal services, free of cost. These services include culturally-sensitive and linguistically- appropriate representation in legal matters to immigrants. Be aware that if you are a victim of domestic violence, sexual abuse, human trafficking, or any other violent crime, you could be eligible for a visa that would give you immigration status in this country.

For more information please contact us at 786 275 4364.