LGBTQI grant

We are ecstatic to announce that Survivors' Pathway has received a grant that will allow us to continue expanding our work and advocacy for the LGBTQI community! Survivors' Pathway will be an active member of this project's Multidisciplinary Collaborative Planning and Development Team that will examine the intersection of domestic violence and mental health from the perspectives of the various service delivery systems. Survivors' Pathway will be taking an active role in addressing the needs of the survivors of domestic violence in the underserved LGBTQI and Hispanic communities who are seeking mental health services in Miami Dade County. Survivors' Pathway will be responsible for developing a set of policies and procedures that protect survivors of domestic violence from discrimination in mental health service agencies. He will be developing and supervising cultural and gender sensitive counseling programs to survivors of intimate partner violence, domestic violence and sexual abuse with successful outcomes. Francesco will also advance the promotion of cultural and gender sensitive oriented services to members of the LGBTQI community. Additionally, we will develop culturally sensitive trainings to be implemented in mental health agencies.