Need to talk? We will listen...You are not alone...

Survivors' Pathway is a 501 (c)(3) non for profit organization providing services to victims of domestic violence, sexual assault, human trafficking and other types of victimization.


Our therapeutic processes and advocacy services value and embrace each person's unique needs, ethnicity, cultural heritage, cultural values, beliefs, sexual orientation and gender identity. We understand that finding the right therapeutic match and empowering environment is a very important step in your journey.

Survivors' Pathway's psychotherapists offer a safe, non-judgmental, collaborative healing experience. As one feels heard, understood and validated, he/she can begin to feel empowered, make better choices and achieve desired improvements in life.

The Organization respects the equal value and worth of all people – whether man, woman, gender queer; heterosexual, lesbian, gay, bi, or trans, clients' diverse spectrum of differences are respected. The Organization's professionals are highly experienced, committed and caring individuals who give the best of themselves to help survivors to overcome the negative effects of victimization, to face personal challenges and to develop healthy relationships. All services and professionals are bilingual (Spanish and English).

One of the most important aspects that has influenced the development and success of the organization has been the continuing and unconditional support received from different organizations around Miami Dade County. This support reflects the importance of working in partnership to improve the lives of some of the neediest individuals in our communities.


Mission Statement

Our mission is to promote equality, inclusiveness and social action through culturally-sensitive, psychological counseling and advocacy services to individuals and families from the LGBTQI and Latino communities survivors of domestic, sexual and intimate partner violence, human trafficking, and other type of victimization.

Our vision

To provide needed support to survivors of domestic and intimate partner violence, sexual abuse, human trafficking and other type of victimization enabling them to walk through a pathway of emotional growth that empowers them to achieve a balanced and healthier lifestyle.

To provide ongoing counseling services that respects the sexual, gender and cultural diversity of survivors of different crimes.

To heighten awareness about domestic and intimate partner abuse within underserved populations, such as the LGBTQI and the Latino immigrant communities.

To act as a liaison between LGBTQI survivors of domestic violence, sexual abuse and/or intimate partner violence and the resources provided by community centers within Miami Dade County.